Monday, September 1, 2008

Moving Forward... Together

Dear friends in the MS Conference, On this first day of the new quadrennium, Mike and I give thanks for our assignment back to MS.

You are all in our prayers as we continue forward together. As Hurricane Gustav moves northwest, rain and wind continues to threaten our communities.

We continue pray for your safety and for the safety of our friends in Louisiana and the other states impacted.

Our leaders in disaster preparedness and disaster response and recovery have done an excellent job in recent weeks.

We are deeply grateful to each of them for their faithful work. As we survey damage in our state, we will respond with the prayers, skill and generosity of the entire connection of United Methodist people.

I hope you will use this blog to share your stories and your insights. I plan to check it daily and to offer thoughts as we move forward.

Blessings to you all, Hope


Bishop Hope Morgan Ward said...

We give thanks for the passing of Gustav even as we are in contact with communities across the impact areas to assess damage and needs.

I have been in conversation with Bishop Hutchinson in Louisiana. We continue to pray and serve in connection with one another.

May each of you be blessed today.


clarisse said...

The GOOD NEWS is that with every storm...there is HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow with Christ our Saviour right by our side, walking by our side, and on our side.

Thanks be to GOD that those who believe, will be assured through every storm that someone will be with them through the end. And that friend is Jeses who loves and cares for every 'child of His'.

What a Friend we have in JESUS. What a friend to have...forever.